Quarantine Friday

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m spending way too much time on FB

I saw an Instagram meme that said, breaking news…

Good lord, wtf now?

That was how the day felt. Not that anything went particularly bad, but I felt like a dog that worried about being hit for something he didn’t understand that he did wrong. I think the stress of it all is getting to me.

Luckily The-Oldest decided to play his latest composition. Unluckily, it was titled, “Insanity” and man did it live up to its name. I have never wanted to rush over and axe the piano into little bits more in my life.

So, state of the world? Single factory working 24/7 to keep Kraft Dinner on the shelves. That’s commitment, folks. Langley closed the public playgrounds today. A good move, if a little late. There’s a move to put Christmas lights up to brighten the night. Means I have to get on the roof, so I may put this off for a bit.

Inside, well, things were as normal. Got up. Took temperature. Made coffee. Dreamed of Timmies coffee. Missing Timmies. May have teared up a bit. Temperature normal. Put on pants. Let dog out. Feared one day soon I wouldn’t bother with pants at all. Looked at beautiful morning.

Came back in. Ate cookies for breakfast and felt bad about it. First boy up at 11. He decided to play music to destroy my soul. 2nd boy up at 12. He put pants on his head and a shirt through his legs. I think we were all going a little squirrely.

Ate lunch. Dreamed of Earls. Missing Earls. May have teared up a bit.

this poor cat was trying to escape from the evil, orange cat

Found a cat at sliding door to the deck. He wanted in. We couldn’t let him in. Our dog would never forgive us.

Watched cat for a long time. Like people-without-TV long.  Discovered cat was trying to get away from our dog’s arch-nemesis, the mean Orange cat.

The Orange cat sat in the shade, trying to hide behind a tree, waiting to bully the smaller cat that came to our sliding

The evil, orange cat lurks in the shadows

door. The Orange cat, though, will not come close to the house due to our berserker-doodle, old as she is, going nuts and running after her, so the nice, small cat left when the evil Orange cat went to eat baby birds or write Mein Kampf or something.

Started a new book. Got 10 pages done. Made the mistake of watching the news. Such a bad idea, but the part of me that needs to know is fighting against the part of me that says, maybe it’s best not knowing how many jackasses are still not social distancing.

Had a family meeting to update family on the current situation. Family meetings are important. New guidelines. We are no longer privileged assholes. We need to watch what we spend and how we spend it. The-Youngest was horrified that included him.

Stood on the balcony for 10-15 minutes. Not sure why. I wasn’t going to jump. Honest. The dog poo in the backyard would cushion my fall.

Watched Kill Bill 2 with The-Oldest. The-Youngest had fled upstairs to contemplate how he was going to survive without Xbox live or trips to Playland. At 6:00, he made supper, though. Pizzas. It was amazing!

At supper, we discussed what we missed.

The-Oldest, much to my shock, said people. He had bowling trips planned with his band, concerts in old folk’s homes, a musical to perform, and, to quote him, “at least 5 sleepovers.” He missed being at school and his music teacher, and his piano teacher and law class and sleepovers, did he mention sleepovers? Apparently, he’s a people person now.

The-Youngest said he misses hockey and going to Playland (would it have even been open? He says yes.) He misses having his infected toe fixed. And he misses getting supplies to make his model rollercoaster.

The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World misses Timmies, too. She thinks she’ll cry when she tastes a Timmies coffee, again.

But what she really, really misses are the social parts of life.  She misses her coworkers, her Baba, her family, and her friends. Socializing on social media isn’t quite the same. She’s had a couple of real phone conversations, today, but she needs so much more.

However, she also misses not being told what NOT to do.

She’s one who if she’s told that she can’t do something, then she really, really wants to do it. I can’t go walking? Well, now I want to go for a hike. I want to go on a big hike. I can’t do it naked, well, I want to go on a hike, naked, and I’m going to sing songs from Sound of Music and hug everyone I see, cuz no one is the boss of me.

I’m kinda the same. I nearly got kicked out of Greece because I opened a gate that said don’t go past this point and I seriously couldn’t stop myself from going past that point (and the less said about what happened at the whole ‘Sacred Monastery’ the better.)

Lots of things I miss, really, but for me, it’s normalcy. It’s not waking up in a mild state of anxiety and going to bed in an even worse state of anxiety. It’s not knowing what new shit is about to hit this fast-spinning fan. I miss planning out travel adventures and D&D games and going to a movie theater and eating my weight in buttery popcorn with extra butter.


For our dog, Vegas, I think she’s having the time of her life. Everyone is home. She’s getting all sorts of guilt treats. And she’s being used as a stress reducer (lots of pats and rubbies), so yeah, she’s in heaven. Plus, she doesn’t watch the news anymore.

However, by the end of the day, we had come up with a new punishment. Not doing chores? Then you have to listen to Joe explain the Crusades, the etymology of the word dab, or what makes a good dwarven character in D&D. It should work like a charm.

Tomorrow, good lord, who knows what’s coming our way, but at least we have each other and someone (me) who can explain things in 4,000 words instead of 2.

Be safe, be healthy and respect this new world.

About Joe Cummings

Aquarius. Traveler. Gamer. Writer. A New Parent. 4 of these things are easy. One is not. But the journey is that much better for the new people in my life. A life I want to share with others, to help them, maybe, to make them feel less alone, sure, to connect with the greater world, absolutely.
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2 Responses to Quarantine Friday

  1. Alison says:

    Hey Joe!
    I honestly think this is some of your best writing. For me it’s a sign of a truly good comic writer when he/she/they(!!) can make us laugh out loud in a really serious unfortunate situation. And as much as this is, we still need to find the “funny” (and that cat situation was…is still??) in life. I am now thinking about serious unfortunate situations, and I wonder if what we’re going through is any worse than what Syrian refugees have been going through for, oh say the last eight or so years? Or any number of other groups/situations from the last 100, or more(!) years. I’m not saying these aren’t shitty and crazy scary times, but I wonder if we will re-discover a bit of our humanity our real experience of them?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience of them, and for making me laugh out loud (not much else is).

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