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The Jackie Robinson story. A great story. The first black man in baseball, a true hero who triumphed over racism and general nastiness not by punching someone in the nose, but by Gandhi-ing them. Turning the other cheek. Being the … Continue reading

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A Query For Fun

A Query For Fun.

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Evil Dead Indeed.

We’ve all seen this movie. In fact, it’s a remake so you really may have seen this movie. See, there’s a cabin. In the woods (the inspiration for Josh Whedon’s… errr… Cabin in the Woods.) Young people come to this … Continue reading

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Hey, You! Wanna Buy a Book?

Hey, You! Wanna Buy a Book?.

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GI Doh

G.I. Joe: Retaliation The best part of this movie was a trailer for the new Star Trek epic coming out later this year. Oh, the movie wasn’t a complete disaster, but it’s one best seen on cheap Tuesdays or with … Continue reading

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Book Critique Part Deux

Book Critique Part Deux.

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Olympus Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up

Olympus Has Fallen I love the title. Do they really call the White House ‘Olympus’? Cuz, you know, that’s kinda cool. Sadly, they don’t, so it isn’t. And that defines the movie as much as anything. It’s just a whole lot of … Continue reading

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