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The Outline Advantage

The Outline Advantage.

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Being the Older Brother

Being the Older Brother It’s not easy. I think I may have been the worst older brother in history. Well, maybe not Cain-and-Able bad, but I do regret that I wasn’t a better role model, that I didn’t stand up … Continue reading

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Born to Be

Born to Be Sometimes I wonder, are we born to be something? To do something? Was Einstein born to be a scientist? Was Gretzky born to be a hockey player? Was Carrot Top born to be an idiot? What got … Continue reading

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Blogging reflections

Originally posted on Harvesting Hecate:
A year ago today, I finally found the courage to press the button and publish my first blog post.  When I talked about courage, in that first post, I meant the courage to proclaim myself as…

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Don Maass on Publishing

A great article to read for anyone writing a book. Don Maass on Publishing.

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Originally posted on janyceresh:
      Our house is generally a little sticky, a bit cluttered and usually one load of laundry away from having Hugh Grant declare it a mountain. There have been many times I’ve walked through…

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Another 6 am Practice

Another 6 am Practice.

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