Quarantine Thursday


Delivery day is like Christmas here.

Ok, I’ll explain later, but our day started out well enough. No one had a temperature, and The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World who felt ‘like poo’ last night, got a good sleep and managed to blaze through her version of the cold by morning (though I was up all night checking on her.)

Outside, some good news, mostly about the possibilities of vaccines, student loans being on hold for 6 months, Canadian Tire and Staples staying open, and Sunwing was offering free rides home for us Canucks. However, stores remain hammered by panic buying, and while most of us are starting to practice social distancing, a substantial number are not and that’s not good.

oh the noise, the noise

Inside, we ran into our first case of stir crazy. The-Youngest, having had all his Trumtookas, Whohoopers, Blumbloopas and Gardookas confiscated, had no way to really annoy us, so he bounced around the house like a tick looking for someone to bite.

So, we sent him into the driveway to shoot hockey balls. Bang, boom, bang, clatter. But that was still better than him trying to pry the light switches off the walls.

It’s funny. If we said, go outside today and play with your friends, he’d want to stay inside and play video games and watch YouTubers. Tell him he has to play video games and watch YouTubers and he wants to be outside.


So, then, tomorrow, it may be time for some mowing and weeding and maybe washing the mustang. Odds are when confronted with that, he’ll choose watching Brooklyn 99 and getting slaughtered in Rainbow Six Siege.

As for The-Oldest, he made supper for everyone and then settled in for a 24 hour Minecraft marathon!

Now, I love to game, but 24 hours of gaming? I’d be a mess (and likely psychotic… or more psychotic.)

The-Oldest was a little squirrely today, too, but he takes his excess energy out on the piano, and if you’ve ever heard the Mephisto waltz, it’s, ah, not easy-listening music (more like something from a horror film), so he’s all good, now.

Thank goodness.

But the reason delivery day feels a little like Christmas is because we can’t get out and actually buy stuff, so we have to order it all online.

Ordering is simple enough, but when everything is out, the shelves are empty and no one seems to be carrying vital supplies like jolly ranchers or hemorrhoid cream, it really becomes a game of ‘what will they bring?’

So when the order arrives, (and after the delivery person leaves), I rush to the door and bring in all the bags. No bananas but they did have jello. No feminine hygiene products, but they did have a big ass bag of buns. No cleaning supplies, but they did have beef broth.

Sometimes we get basically what we ordered, but just a little off. Dove shampoo? Sure, but it’s 2-in-1 special thick hair version. Or instead of cheese slices, we get cheese sticks.

It’s all ok, because at least it’s food or stuff we need, and I mean, hey, aren’t we just the privileged society that would complain about having shampoo AND conditioner in one container.


Tomorrow, more calls have to be made to see what I can do to mitigate the stock market crash thing. Can I readjust my mortgage? Can I get the property tax postponed? Can I get a lottery ticket delivered?

As well, I’ll ask everyone in the house what they missed doing, but until then, everyone please stay safe, practice good distancing and be kind to those who are working their asses off so I can have a mars bar.

For anyone who’s interested in helping, here’s a link and some info.

what to do

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  1. What? No jolly ranchers or hemorrhoid cream?

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