The Top 10 Lists Of Disney World Moments

There’s nothing like a few, good Top 10 Lists of Disney moments, I have 6 coming!!!!

3 from the Boyz.

A bonus list from our amazing travel agent, Alyssa Monahan.

And 2, yes, 2, from The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World!

It’ll be the boys’ lists today and the girls’ tomorrow- and, spoiler alert, the Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World’s list is a MUST READ!!!

Buckle up.

First, though, good lord, believe it or not, we managed to do Disney World in 4 days. Magic Kingdom. Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios. Blizzard Beach and Epcot. Jeez, we did a lot.


I won’t say we got it all done, and I won’t say we didn’t have our moments of sweaty grumbles, but all-in-all, we had a GREAT time. Disney World is an amazing place, and while I still want to write about the next part of our adventure, our two days in Universal’s theme park, I also wanted to do up a quick recap in Disney World. Now, my top 10 list of Disney World moments and they may not be what you’d think.

******* Joe’s Top 10 List of Amazing Disney Moments!

Having fun and being a little goofy is something that Disney World encourages. This is a no-judgment zone.

  1. Staff come and get you at the front desk. They walk up to you in line, with a smile, ask about your day, then about why you’re in line, and, then either take you to their station or direct you to someone who’s the most knowledgeable person. This is service at its best.

2) We got to play for free in Pop Century’s arcade. See, in Disney World, when something breaks down, they try their best to make people happy. In this case, the coin machines for the arcade broke, but instead of shutting them down, they programmed them for free play. How cool is that???

3) When it was raining that first night, they brought out towels for the guests. The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World found staff handing them out near the front door, and we were so soaked by then, we needed about 20 each.

4) There was a real-life coffee angel in the cafeteria. She would come around and make sure everyone had a full cup of coffee early in the morning. On the first day, The-Prettiest-Girl-in-the-World was so tired, this brought her to tears.

5) So many kids (and more than a fair share of adults) came into the parks all dressed up as Disney characters. Princesses. Jedi. Pirates of the Caribbean. Mickey and Minnie ear-hats adorned countless heads, and there was even an entire family dressed up as The Incredibles. It was incredible. And adorable. And something you’ll only see in Disney World or on Halloween.

6) The bathrooms are amazing. Sparkling clean. Great smelling. Always cool. Soap and towel dispensers always full. Ok, sure, one little girl ran into the boy’s washroom while we were peeing, and threw up all over the floor, but within moments, one of the cast members were there to clean it up. So impressive.

7) Passing a 3-hour line with your Fastpass is awesome. Ok, I know this makes me a bit of a dink, but schadenfreude is strong in me sometimes, and having spent 2 hours sweating in a line-up, the ability to literally walk onto a ride is so awesome, it comes close to free coffee or finally figuring out a sudoku puzzle.

8) Disney World’s attention to detail is simply spectacular. I know we spent a lot of time running from one ride to the next, but if I ever get back there, again, I would spend more time just looking around, soaking up more of the little things. From wandering around in awe in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora to eating in a Mongolian restaurant, we sometimes took in the surroundings, but man, there is sooooooo much more to see. My advice – slow down and see everything, including all the stuff in the line-ups!

9) When our Fastpass was canceled, they gave us a Fastpass to any ride in that park. In the end, we were able to actually use that Fastpass for its intended purpose (the Test Track ride), but that no-hassle customer service is what makes Disney such a great vacation location.

10) Jedi Rey smiled at me. At that moment, I wasn’t some middle-aged stepdad, I was a young goober getting smiled at by a pretty legend. That ability that Disney World has for transforming an adult into a kid for a while is unparalleled in the universe, and it’s incredible. Wear that Minnie bow in your hair. Have the entire family dress in matching Star Wars T-shirts. Sing Frozen songs with your daughter (or son) while walking towards the Karaoke theater. Watch a Muppet Show and giggle. It’s all ok in Disney World. Really. It’s. All. Ok.


So, now it’s The-Youngest’s turn, with his recommendations on rides. He was stumped for a while coming up with this list because, you know, how do you judge the BEST ride? Speed? The drop? The launch? The smoothness of the ride? The music? Yeti-free rides only?

It wasn’t easy, but HERE is his list. He knows his stuff!

The-Oldest, being wiser and, you know, older than his brother, has a list of cool things that happened in Disney World, and surprisingly, not one of the items on the list is about pianos.

Find The-Oldest’s List HERE. It’s awesome. Check it out.

I hope one of those lists helps.    

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great travel tips from each of you!

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