Pokemon Go

pet rocks

Ah, pet rocks, those were the days when fads made sense

I’ve been alive long enough to remember a lot of fads. You know, things you thought were awesome that then slowly fade into obscurity. Water beds. Pet Rocks. Dressing in women’s underwear (wait, what, that wasn’t everyone? Well, ah, errr, uhm, never mind, then.)

So it’s time to dive into the latest craze. Pokemon Go.

So why not begin a new series?. Let’s call it Go-Pro. Wait, crap, that’s something else. Joe-Go? Go Pokemon, Go? Joe Does Go? Joe-Joe-the Pokego?

Oh, hell, let’s make it simple. Pokemon Go by Joe.

Pokemon Go, perhaps the greatest fad of all time.

Pokemon Go, perhaps the greatest fad of all time.

First up, what the hell is it? I mean, sure we’ve all seen like a billion posts on facebook and I think there’s an epic fails youtube channel set up (and let’s face it, we all know there’s a Pokemon go porn channel set up somewhere), but what IS IT?

Lemme esplain.

To quote a friend, ‘it’s like geocaching or orienteering but with big invisible imaginary creatures.” But that may be like saying a snargle nifster is like a boonafer gork. It means very little.

So, lemme esplain better.

Pokemon Go Map of uber-awesomeness

Pokemon Go Map of uber-awesomeness

See, there’s an app that you can download onto your phone or tablet. That app creates a funny looking map, not unlike google maps or something you’ve seen on the GPS navigation system in your car. Using a character you create, you wander around that map finding, well, Pokemon (and Pokemon items.)

Now here’s the mind-blowing thing.

You actually have to wander around in the real world.

Yup, that map is real. There are Pokemon hiding on your street. In your neighbour’s yards. In parks. Sometimes in the middle of the road.

So, to catch these Pokemon, you have to climb out of your mom’s basement and venture into the sunlight. You have to walk on real concrete or grass. You have to breathe fresh air.

And avoid being killed by cars.

Real cars.

Have I made this clearer?

No, well, then let me just say it’s the biggest thing to ever hit the world. It’s about wandering around with a phone in your hand, eyes glued to the screen, trying to find another Pokemon, and trap them (using a goofy-looking real-life anime-like map.) So you can use them to fight your friends or control the world or something like that.

What would Einstein really have said?

What would Einstein really have said?

Einstein would be horrified.

But hey, if anyone is interested, my next post, will have the boyz listing the top 10 things they, as new players (noobs), think everyone should know.

In the meantime, take a look at these links.

From the Globe and Mail


From the Pokemon website.




Now, I’m going to download it myself, and then we’re going to head off and find something like a ratatta or meowth.

God help me.






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