Heading Towards Where Everything Is Awesome

Heading Towards Where Everything Is Awesome

IMG_0600It was the goal of the whole trip. Legoland. So, first day, we geared up to see that wonderland.

We buttered ourselves from head to toe in sunscreen. We put on shorts and short sleeved shirts. We packed swim trunks. We were ready for the hot SoCal weather.

Only one problem.

The sky was grey. A heavy grey. And surprisingly cold. Like Vancouver cold.

It didn’t really matter. The boys were excited. I was excited. We were going to legoland.

mormon templeWe hopped into our less-than-speedy Galant, and drove north. Along the way we spotted a shining Mormon temple impressively rising towards the sky, all white and full of pointy bits. The youngest said he was happy God made him alive.

I thought that was a pretty deep thought for early in the morning.

We discussed what heaven would be like. Apparently, according to the oldest, I can have a cloud island. Kinda cool. I told them I thought heaven would be where I’d meet everyone I’d ever loved and lost.

prez businessAs we puttered along the highway, we played ‘what would you rather?’… to be able to read minds or predict the future? To be invisible or to fly? I love playing that game. I love hearing how the boys’ minds work. Would you rather be a lion or a tiger? Why? Would you rather be President Business or Batman? Oh, really?

We drove past two horse racing tracks. Past a lagoon of some sort. Over a lake that had no water whatsoever. Into valleys and beside great hills and ridges.

For some reason, I thought San Diego would be flat like a pancake. For some reason, I expected it to be developed and suburbanized all the way to LA. I was wrong on both accounts.

rainHowever, as we took the road to Legoland, the road called, wisely enough, Legoland rd, a bit of rain began to fall and it occured to us that we didn’t have any rain-gear or warm clothes with us.

Who needs such things in SoCal?

Apparently, we do.

Was this a horrible start to what HAD to be the best day ever?

About Joe Cummings

Aquarius. Traveler. Gamer. Writer. A New Parent. 4 of these things are easy. One is not. But the journey is that much better for the new people in my life. A life I want to share with others, to help them, maybe, to make them feel less alone, sure, to connect with the greater world, absolutely.
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8 Responses to Heading Towards Where Everything Is Awesome

  1. kimberly b. says:

    Is it Vancouver cold? I’ve never been to Vancouver, but when it gets like this hear we all wrap ourselves in scarves and heavy coats! I always thought we were wimps, but maybe I was wrong =)

    • Joe Cummings says:

      It’s not like cold-cold in Vancouver, but it is wet and rainy a LOT! We get a bit of snow every so often just to confuse us and make us buy winter tires, but by-and-large, it’s pretty moderate like it was the week we were down in San Diego. 17-22 degrees. Some sun. Some rain. Some clouds. Wait, a hole in the clouds where there’s sun. A bit more rain to keep the lawns green. 🙂

  2. kimberly b. says:

    *here. Yes, I do generally know how to spell.

  3. michaelscummings says:

    Surely they’ll have Lego umbrellas for sale at the gift shop! They might not be great in high winds, but still….

  4. I lived in San Diego for 15 years, so it bothered me to hear a travel manager tell customers that San Diego Was 95-100 F year round. When I told him it was a pleasant in the 70’s year round he called me a liar and demanded an apology. I guess some people like it hot.

    • Joe Cummings says:

      From what we heard from people who lived there, it’s a perfect, mild climate, mid 70s-low 80s. With plenty of cloudy days. We just had different expectations born from many sunny pictures on the internet, lol.
      Hey, loved your blog, btw.

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